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Get to know our Glamping Pods
Small in size, huge in flexibility!

Glamping Pod

Glamping pod is the proposal of our company for customers who seek quality, reliability, and value for money in the construction of wooden hut.

The advantage of the wooden hut we build is the flexibility both in its form and in the possibilities of its use.
The Glamping pod are ready for any use in any location.

Our custom made constructions can give the solution you ask for, in the measures you ask for. They are an ideal choice for those of you who want to expand your permanent or holiday home, for those of you who want to equip your camping or hostel with unique accommodation, for those of you who want a unique and fairytale holiday home.

What is a Glamping Pod?

The Glamping Pod is a wooden hut - a house that can be placed in the space chosen by each customer. It is an all-wooden construction, of high aesthetics, which provides the owner with sound insulation and high-performance thermal insulation.
(It is an accommodation ready for habitation as it is a complete house that includes electrical and plumbing)

The design, the study, and the construction of Glamping Pod are done entirely by our company, and we can provide targeted solutions to your needs.

The Glamping Pod was designed and manufactured 100% in Cyprus and specifically by our company L.A.Artwood

Basic features

  • Double masonry 130mm
  • Installation of thermal insulation - sound insulation material 100mm masonry 100mm
  • A special breathable membrane (100% Waterproof) was placed externally
  • High quality wood floor 20mm
  • Wooden frames with double energy glass I-plus light 20mm
  • Roof waterproofing with asphalt red, anthracite color
  • Dimensions 5x3m

Prices may be subject to change due to the continuous change in timber prices.

From € 7950 + vat

Prices can be adjusted due to the constant change in timber prices. The price does not include toilet / shower area, furniture and transport.

Upgrades (Optional add-ons)

  • Exterior floor extension 6 m2
  • Laminate wood flooring
  • Roof waterproofing with asphalt tile (Rhombus, square, semicircle) 100%
  • Roof waterproofing with asphalt tile (Rhombus, square, semicircle) 70% and wood 30%
  • Internal electrical installation (2 sockets, 2 switches, 1 main switch)
  • Internal plumbing installation
  • Installation of sanitary ware (toilet, shower, sink)
  • Interior and exterior paint of your choice
  • Kitchenette
  • Smoke detector
  • Provided installation for air condition
  • Electrical installation upgrade (USB sockets and smart switches)
  • UPVC frames with double energy glass I-PLAS light 28mm
  • Aluminum frames series 2500 with double energy glass I-PLUS light 28mm (100% waterproof)

There are many optional upgrades to list them all, so if there is something that is not on the list, just let us know and we will find the best way to make your perfect Glamping Pod.

See the whole manufacturing process in our factory

Play Video about Glamping Pod - Exterior in workshop

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